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Our Weekly Hot List

♥MUZYK♥ - RisingStars online karaoke user

Oops! I Did It ...

from Britney Spears

Performed by ♥MUZYK♥

  • Viewed 167 times
  • Highest honor: Most Talked About of the week
  • (56 other versions of this song)
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㋡ ♪♫♪♫ Prissie♫♪♫♪ ㋡ - RisingStars online karaoke user

Angel Of Mine

from MYMP

Performed by ㋡ ♪♫♪♫ Prissie♫♪♫♪ ㋡

  • Viewed 130 times
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orivae - RisingStars online karaoke user

Sunday Morning

from Maroon 5

Performed by orivae

  • Viewed 181 times
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♥MUZYK♥ - RisingStars online karaoke user

Woman In Love

from Barbara Streisand

Performed by ♥MUZYK♥

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John Jim Khim Kimjaino - RisingStars online karaoke user

Rolling In The ...

from Adele

Performed by John Jim Khim Kimjaino

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Eisset Oguh - RisingStars online karaoke user

The Man Who Can...

from The Script

Performed by Eisset Oguh

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Our Best Voted Performances

Angela Golez - RisingStars online karaoke user

Don't Cry For M...

from Madonna

Performed by Angela Golez

  • Viewed 439 times
  • Highest honor: none
  • (19 other versions of this song)
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Jingle (cutiejing) - RisingStars online karaoke user

Mamma Mia

from Abba

Performed by Jingle (cutiejing)

  • Viewed 1443 times
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love_amanda - RisingStars online karaoke user

Close To You

from Carpenters

Performed by love_amanda

  • Viewed 5421 times
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Pat Pat - RisingStars online karaoke user


from Charice ft Iyaz

Performed by Pat Pat

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Marce Paulo - RisingStars online karaoke user

I'm With You

from Avril Lavigne

Performed by Marce Paulo

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Vonski - RisingStars online karaoke user

Break Even

from The Script

Performed by Vonski

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Wings - RisingStars online karaoke user

Fast Car

from Tracey Chapman

Performed by Wings

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