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Our Weekly Hot List

aaronmsandoval - RisingStars online karaoke user

Kahit Maputi Na...

from Richard Poon

Performed by aaronmsandoval

  • Viewed 945 times
  • Highest honor: none
  • (275 other versions of this song)
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jpg28 - RisingStars online karaoke user

A Thousand Mile...

from Vanessa Carlton

Performed by jpg28

  • Viewed 67 times
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revid09 - RisingStars online karaoke user

Pain In My Hear...

from Second Wind

Performed by revid09

  • Viewed 11 times
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Our Best Voted Performances

Rosemarie Dalupang Baquiran - RisingStars online karaoke user

Merry Christmas...

from The Carpenters

Performed by Rosemarie Dalupang Baquiran

  • Viewed 1354 times
  • Highest honor: Pop badges
  • (57 other versions of this song)
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Jorky - RisingStars online karaoke user

Don't Let The S...

from Elton John

Performed by Jorky

  • Viewed 964 times
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teapot2angel - RisingStars online karaoke user

Only Hope

from Mandy Moore

Performed by teapot2angel

  • Viewed 2071 times
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